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About me

Time to update this – I have now reached 40 and I am pleased to report that the world has not ended and in fact I am rather enjoying being 40 – a much more impressive number than 39.  Perhaps my blog is now redundant but I’m afraid that you don’t get off that easily – if anything, I have become more opinionated since the big 40!

Admittedly my opinions are not earth-shattering or on particularly important matters – they are more a reflection of a typical mother of an age and the things that I come across in my everyday life.  I have always wanted to write so these are my small beginnings…you’ve got to start somewhere.  Hopefully by the time I am “turningtwiceforty” I shall have achieved some of my writing ambitions and if not, I shall have to continue boring the pants off my loyal friends with all my moaning and groaning about modern life and its shortcomings!

Do let me know what you think.  Do you agree with me or disagree with me?


7 thoughts on “About me

    • As you will see from my latest post – patience is not a virtue I have in abundance! A 2 week half term is trying of anyone’s patience in my opinion…

    • Thanks for the follow, Sheila! I am looking forward to reading your blog. I see you live in Cape Cod – I had a holiday in Martha’s Vineyard one – loved it!!

      • I love going over to Martha’s Vineyard too – it’s a great place for biking. At some point I’ll have to put some of those photos up just to dream of summer!

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