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This image shows a white wine glass (WMF Easy)...

This image shows a white wine glass (WMF Easy) with white wine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I settle down to the weekend newspapers, feet up for the first time this week, glass of wine in hand…the headline on The Times Weekend section catches my eye – “Are you a Parentoholic?”. At this point, I have one of my more “dim” moments – perhaps as I approach 40, a “senior moment” – and I think to myself that this must be an article about some odd medical/clinical condition which means you are addicted to parenting.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my children completely, but I am not some earth mothering, Gina Fording, frankly nauseating example of perfect parenting – far from it!

I open up the paper and it immediately becomes apparent that no, this is not an article about extreme parenting but yet another thinly-veiled attack on middle class, verging on alcoholic, parents, which is the hot issue of the moment for the media.  My eyes settle on one of those cosy little “if you have mainly As…” quizzes which I loved so much when I was about 13 in the likes of “Just 17” or “Mizz” which I would use to determine whether the spotty nerd next door was actually my true love based on my personality type.  However, this quiz was of an altogether much more sinister type – it was a lose/lose quiz which started from the assumption that you were an alcoholic parent and it was just a matter of to what degree.

Look, I’m not trying to make light of what many consider to be a serious issue but I will say one thing.  After a 14 hour day (yes, 14 hour) which starts with one or other child screaming in my ear and ends in much the same vein with a smorgasbord of school runs, cooking, laundry, cleaning, bathing and Peppa Pig viewing thrown in the middle, I do believe it is my prerogative to have a glass of wine at the end of my working day.  For me this glass of wine does not represent a decline into alcoholism but more the fact that I am an adult and this precious two hours at the end of the day are in fact my adult time.

Anyway, I am sure this rant is yet more evidence of my approaching 40 angst, but I am going to go now as my husband has just poured me a lovely, large glass of white Burgundy…

6 thoughts on “Parentoholic…?

  1. Without a doubt I fall into this category. Indeed, I never drank until I had children and now I watch the clock for 6pm so that I can justify pouring myself a glass of vino. I used to say that it was ‘my time’ – kids bathed and ready for bed, laundry done, housework completed, domestic bliss achieved and time for me. But with my kids now 13 and 11 and quite frankly going to bed later than me at the weekend I still believe that the golden hour starts at six. Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it – however flakey!

  2. Here, here. Although I can see how easily I could (ahem, do) slip into drinking more than is really good for me. My problem is that I smugly abstain Sunday – Wednesday, which means come Thursday or Friday and the rare opportunity to socialise (shock, horror), I neck wine like water. And even worse is that I’m blathering on so animatedly to my friends in the process that I forget completely to stick to my long-held rule of one wine, one water, and consequently my hangovers are getting more and more dire with nothing to do with age! Parenthood – who’d have thought it could have such broad and unexpected consequences…

    • Sounds just like me! I too have the one wine, one water rule but often it ends up being three wine, half water! I have noticed that my abstention period has narrowed to Sunday to Tuesday (at a push!) although as it is half term at the moment, normal rules do not apply!!

  3. plaudits for you to not succumbing to vino during peppa. my current challenge is to stick to a bottle every two days. might parenthood help……?

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